Family Donors

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Regent $10,000-above

Park-Moskewicz Family

Trustee $5,000-$9,999

Corey and Rod Cherkas

Chi Family

Brian and Julie Field

Floresca Family

Olin Gawel

Kavich Family

Michelle and Stephen Murphy

Sarah Ryan

Shirley Family

Sultan Family

Yen-Teng Family

Zane Family

Valedictorian $3,000-$4,999

Stanley and Lisa Chao

Cheng Family

Crellin Family


Fox Family


Becky and Michael Geller

Manpreet and Manav Grover

Jin Family

Franklin and Clarissa Kang

Kassner and Sansbury Family

Khanna and Hegde Family

Crum-Korer Family

Klein Family

Marquis Family

Thomas Nie Family

Maryam and Jabari Norton Family

Dr. Mandana Asghamejad

High Honors $1,500-$2,999

Africa Family

Alston Family

Zaid and Rana Ayoub


Cardillo Family

Chaturvedi Family

Jim and Kimberly Clark

Haywood Cooper Family

Fiel and Cabahug-Gabiana Family

Gadiraju Family

Gardiner Family

Garlikov Family

Grele Family

Henry Family

Hsieh Family

Hua Family

Edward and Jennifer Hwang

Craig and Mina Ichiuji

Jawadi Family

Mariliz and Adam Johnson

Kao Family

Ketcham Family

Lau-Kwan Family

Lee Family

Melissa and Michael Lim Family

Judith Jeschke and Frank Lin

Jerry Liu and Maggie Wang

Lott Family

Lu Family

Yvette and Alexander Lyon

Bruce and Beth Martin

McGilpin Family

Chris Misner and Crystal Hayling

Irene and Stephen Moff

Neil Family

Nguyen Family

Annie and Gary Ogasawara

Robert and Jeannie Parker

Pate Family

Pavolotsky Family

Tam-Porter Family

Familia Quanbeck

Rivera Family

Rubinstein Family

Schell Family


Schwarzkopf Family

Stanton Family

Ben and Jill Thacker

Steve and Roula Tonas

Tsao Family

Stephanie and Chris Cooper

Peter Cooperstein

Principal's List $750-$1,499

Anagnoson-Liu Family

Arapov Family

Auyeung Family

Linda Segervall-Baldini

Banik Family

Barson Family

Randy and Gina Bartlewski

Bhuta Family

Nadin Mayblum-Boaz and Yoav Boaz


Butler Family

Caffo Family

Rong Cai and Wei Jiang

Chen Family

Craig and Susan Chinn

Anthony and Elaine Chiu Family

Chiu Family

Choi Family

Swee Bee Lee and Clayton Choy

Claudio-Chu Family

Cismoski Family

Cleary Family

Comisso Family

Condon Family

Giancarlo and Kachina Corti

Crawford Family

Daniel Family

De Winter Family

Deng Family

Dodge Family


Du Family

Shaoming Matt Duan and Helen Jin

Efron Family

JJ and Tim Elliott

Chris Esqueda and Tanya Esqueda

Finberg Family

Tomoko and Nobu Fukatsu

Gee Family


Gnusti-Clothier Family

Gonzalez-Jimenez Family

Doug and Elizabeth Green

Hahn / Schechter Family

Harger Family

Harris Family

Hayashi Family

Etienne Vick / Michael Hernandez

Higaki Family

Hollandsworth Family

Ana and James Hsu

Huilan Li

Hubbard Family

Marc and Lynda Catalano


Heidi and David Johnson

Drs. David Kang and Jennifer Han

Jordan Karsh Family

Kawamura Family

Mark and Michelle Ke

Kim Family

Amy and Carter King

Klein Family

Koo Family


Jason and Janet Kwan

Kwok Family

Papan/Latini Family

Ernest and Serena Lau

Le Family


C. Leong Family

Lew Family

Jiangtao Li

Jin Zhou and Jerry Li

Xiaolian Yu

Hannah Li Family

Sharon Lee

Lim Family

Lim/Chow Family

Lingenfelter Family

Allegra and Michael Liu Family

Liu Family

Lenore and Henry Livingston

Michelle and Vincent Lo Family

Lo Family

Lopez Adorno Family

Jianxia Shi and Ji Ma

Mar Family

Mazzola Family

McColl Family

McGinty Family

McMillian/McClintock Family

Mittler Family


Molloy Family

Morimoto Family

Richard and Hema Neve

Ryan and Eunice Lin Nichols

Oaks Family

Ortiz Family

Sara Weaver and Peter Galvin

Palmer Family



Perlson Family

Kristen and Jeff Phillips Family

Platz Family

Potsiadlo Family

Anonymous Freshman Family

Qin Family

Min Qiu

Patricia Lopez-Hurtado and Moises Quiroz

Ramseyer Family

Rayborn Family

Reddy Family

Richmond Family

Brad Richter and Margo Tomaszewska

Robertson Family

Ornit and Jack Rose Family

McRussell Family

Berney-Schalet Family

Schanker Family

Jeralyn Schoenherr

Sears Family

Shew Family

Shih Family

Simenc Family

Mr. and Mrs. David Sipes Family

Sloan Family


Stretch Family

Todd and Elizabeth Struble

Stubbins Family

Szwarcberg Family

Tabor Family

Tai-Yeung Family

Takayama Family

Team Super Scomo

Lauren's Family

Cici Mendez and Greg Thompson Family

Thronson Family

Debbie and Kent Tobin

Tsui-Chuan Family

Tu Family

Valluri Family

Vattuone Family

Joel G. and Rosie C. Vazquez and Family

Jason and Jenny Victor

Glenn and Celene Voyles

Wan and Yang Family Charitable Fund

Wigenstam Family


Lisa Cheng and Bernard Wong Family

Wong Family

Yee Family

Guoxin Yu and Wenying Hu

Golden State Outreach Foundation

Zhan Family

Zheng Family

Willie W. Fung

Heather Damelio

Honor Roll Up to $749

Amorim Family

Ashdown Family

Aylsworth Family



Colpitts Family

Erin Murray


Doyle Family

Eng Family

Jeremy and Momoe Fu

Fung Family


Gilfether Family

Grey Family


Kennedy Family

Julie and Brad King Family


S. Koop

La Silva Family

Lau Family

Lemus Family

Leones Family

Louie Family

Marta Family

Martin Family

Steven and Heather McLaughlin

McLintock Family

Mizutani Family

Nagao Family

Neamati Family

Pacquet Family

Pascual Family

Patterson Family

Pauling Family

Peschke Family

Picos Family

Dana Pulley


Rees Family

Demattei-Selby Family


Sinha Family

Porras, Espiritu Family

JT Family

Thurtle Family

Anonymous (10th grade)

Willems Family


Julianne Chen

Katherine E. Ward

John and Anita Castaneda

Silvam Family

Gawel-Karina Family

Jeremy Korer