Family Donors

Join this list of Generous Donors!

Trustee $7,500 - $9,999

The Haggerty and Harrold Family
The Sherwin Family
Angelika and Nurbol Sultan

Valedictorian $5,000-$7,499

Sarah Ryan
Celene and Glenn Voyles
The Todd Wade and Marie La Cour Family

Summa Cum Laude $4,000-$4,999

Dr. Mandana Asgharnejad
The Beach Family
The Bhaumik Family
The Laird Hyland Family

Magna Cum Laude $3,000-$3,999

Norie and Steve Bonbright
Rod and Corey Cherkas
Neil and Kim Crellin
The Dobbs Family
Enrique and Amy Figueroa
The Leventhal and Kahn Family
The Morimoto Family
The Christian and Indra Pachtner Family
The Quanbeck Family
Charles and Suzie Tam Porter
Chris and Jennifer Yeh
Fuqiang Wen and Puzhen Xu

Cum Laude $2,000-$2,999 

Gilmore Chin and Lilian Cheong
The Engler Family
Usama and Kristina Fayyad
The Fletcher Family
The Gan Family
Ava Gawel and Erin Olson
Greg and Sherri Haslam
The Kim Family
The King Family
The Lang-Hyatt Family
Steve Louie and Margaret Reid
Kimberly and Gregg MacMillan
Annie and Gary Ogasawara
The Simms Family
Anne and David Sipes
Erik and Eugena Talvola
Paul Tauber and Mary Wang Oskamp
The Tonas Family
Mike and Mary Tsao
The Zimmerman Family

High Honors $1,000-$1,999

The Alvarado Zimmerman Family
Zaid and Rana Ayoub
The Bernabe Family
The Burns Family
Michael and Shana Callan
The Chang Family
Xueping Qu and Pengfei Cheng
The Chew Family
Craig and Susan Chinn
The Chu Family
The Collins and Thorneycroft Family
The Cornwall Family
The Cox Family
The Custodio Family
The Dang Family
The Daniel Family –Staff
The Draffen Family
The Duan Family
Brian and Julie Field
Tricia and Maurice Fitzgerald
Bill and Judy Fong
Zice Fu
Becky and Michael Geller
The Gerber Family
Jose and Belvi Gonzalez
The Goulishev Family
The Gu and Yulei Wang Family
The Guan Family
Drs. David Kang and Jennifer Han
The Hao Family
Lansheng Hao and Beishi Wang
Jeff and Patty Hart
Vincent and Daisy Hernandez
Jeff and Anna Higaki
The Hill Family
The Hinton Family
Chiyomi Hirose and Arnaud Pilpre
The Hsu Family
Humphrey/Amend Family
The Ichiuji Family
Bonnie Joe and Gregory Chang
Adam and Mariliz Johnson
The Kaliskis
Franklin and Clarissa Kang
Yung-Hsiang Kao and Mei-Lan Liu
Paul Kassner
Amy and Carter King
April King
David and Mavis Ko
Gary and Janet Koe
John and Rose Kohnke
Theo and Mary Kotseroglou
The Lau Family
Priscilla and Rich Leung
The Kayla Li Family
Stacey Li
The Ryan Li Family
The Parents of Koby Lieu
The Lim Family
The Liu Family
Yajing Liu
Yvette and Alexander Lyon
The Madgic Family
The Malouf Family
The McKay Family
Stella Miao and Wang Shen
Michelle and Stephen Murphy
The Nash Family
The Neve Family
Jabari and Maryam Norton
The Oaks Family
Al and Carmen O'Connor
The Oliver and Simmons Family
Marry Anne and Mark Payne
The Qiu Family
The Ragone Family
The Rayborn Family
The Sanchez Family
Colin and Julie Savage-alumni
The Shew Family
Mark and Dale Shintani
The Simenc Family
Heather and Ashish Srimal
Rachael Stoney
Parents of Noah and Hana Strause
Elizabeth and Todd Struble
The Subramanian Family
The Tai-Yeung Family
Tom and Kim Tanaka
The Yen/Teng Family
The Tu Family
The Turpie Family
Jenny and Jason Victor
The Voorsanger Family
The Wang Family
Sharon and Jimmy Wong
The Xiong Family
Michael and Soo Yang
The Yeh Family
John and Beth Yeh
Ron and Maybelene Young
Karena and Emily Zhang's Family
Jim Zheng and Lan Chen
Anonymous (4)

Principal's List $750-$999

The Auyeung Family
The Barton Family
The Belzer Family
The Bever Family
The Birkelund Family
The Chai Family
Elaine and Anthony Chiu
The Cismoski Family
Jim and Kimberly Clark
The Condon Family
Janethia and Lester Dorman
The Finer Family
Tom Finke and Christine Tam
Audrey Fuenzalida and Family
The Fuenzalida Family
Gianna Garcia’s Family
The Gee Family
Bill and Susan Graham
Shirish and Pinkee Gupta
The Harp Thomas Family
The Imani Family
The Ishizaki Family
The Johnson Family
Kelton King and Family
Jason and Megan Klein
The Lam and Nguyen Family
Jeanette and Rand Larsen
Hoa Le and Jean Marc Ludwig
The C. Leong Family
Shichuan Qi and Suiling Liao
The Liu Family
The Livingston Family
The Lopez-Adorno Family
The Lott Family
The Ma Family
The Mangini Family
The Martin Family
The Mathur Family
The McGowan Family
The Mittler Family
Irene and Stephen Moff
Hemu and Sushama Naik
The Negahban Family
Anne and Tom Oertli
The Ornani Family
The Pesusic Family
Jeff and Kristen Phillips
The Pollock Family
Parents of Angel Puentes
The Reddy Family
The Remedios Family
Jenny and Todd Rokala
The Rose Family
The Rubinstein Family
Partha and Babita Saha
The Sakai-Quigley Family
The Salah Family
The Schoenherr Family
The Sears Family
The Seibulescu Family
The Shinozaki Family
The Song Family
Megan and Rodney Stanton III
Edward and Tiffany Sun
The Swami Family
Ben and Jill Thacker
William and Monica Thaw
The Thronson Family
The Tun Zan Family
The Vogel Family
Albert and Deborah Wong
The Yang Family
The Yee Family
Anonymous (1)

Honor Roll Up to $750

Manoj Abraham and Dimple Joseph
Marian Adams – Alumni
The Akkawi Family
The Altieri Family
The Anorico Family
The Appleblom Family
The Austin Family
The Aylesworth Family
The Bachman Family
The Banik Family
The Barson Family
Barbara Beaumont – Staff
R. Beggren - Staff
Maria Luisa Bolanos
The Bost and Yokoe Family
The Boyd Family
The Braanemark Family
The Brucker Family
The Castelino Family
Natalie and Li Ping Chen
Jui-Lian Chen
The Chiemingo Family
The Cisneros Family
The Clark-Geiger Family
Will Colglazier – Staff
Troy and Akiko Collard
The Colpitts Family
Mr. Cottrell –Staff
The Croce-Cullins Family
The Darve Family
The Dodge Family
The Doshi/Yoon Family
Kevin Doyle – Staff
Mrs. Elenz-Martin - Staff
The Enriquez Family
Natalia Estassi
Holly Estrada - Staff
Mike Etheridge and Stacie Goeddel
Shirleen Fang
Judy and Tom Fisher
The Gacutan and Garrard Family
The Gadala Family
Raju Gadiraju
Sara Garcia - Staff
The Gee Family
Kainoa Gilman (Rachel Leota – Staff)
E. Goodson
The Gould Family
The Graham Family
The Grant Family
Jasmine Haas
The Hansen Family
The Harris Family
Jung Haye
Jane Heath
The Henderson Family
John Hillman
The Liu and Hom Family
Stacy Hovan
The Hsu Family
Johnson and Johnny Huang
Galen and Patricia Huie
The Huynh Family
Adam Jacobs- Staff
Jennifer Johnson – Staff
Johnson and Johnson
The Kennedy Family
Ms. Kliegel – Staff
Kolluri Family
Kevin and Cindy Koo
The Kor Family
The Krzesniak Family
Patricia Kurtz - Staff
The Langleys
The Le Family
Family of Samantha Lee
Ms. Cheng E. Lee
The Lee Family
Neta and Levi Rimonim
Mindy Li and Martin Rojo
The Li Family
George Li and Lixin Zheng
The Lim Family
The Liu Family
The Lu Family
The Luebke Family
Nicole and Michael Lynn
Lisa Mallette
The March Family
The Martin Family
William and Lynda Layton-Matsuoka
The Medwid Family
The Miller Family
The Morrow Family
Angela Mueters
Lisa Nagendran-Staff
The Nguyen & Luong Family
Becky Nguyen
Wendy and Craig Nishizaki- Alumni
The Olives Family
The Orellana Family
Leodan Orozco
Matt Oshinsky
The Pangilinan Family
The Patea Family
Eric Perez
Monika and Eric Peschke
Katie Peters
Physical Education Department
The Picos Family
The Ping Family
The Preskill Family
Naomi, Ken and Shana Preston
The Randolph Family
Blas Reyes
Rebecca and Glenn Russell
The Sabale Family
Jessie and Angeli Sacramento
The Sahu Family
The Sandoquin's
Lea Sanguinetti – Staff
The Scherer Family
The Sebben Family
Karen and Steve Sell (Steve- Staff)
The Singh Family
Shane Smuin - Staff
The Stevens Family
Lisa Tang and Denis Shiao
Jake Stoeckle
The Sun and Yu Family
The Szwarcberg Family
The Thurtle Family
The Tidwell Family
Jessica Valera – Staff
The vanBlommestein Family
The Verdad Family
Katherine Ward – Staff
The Whalen Family
Amanda Wiley-Clothier – Staff
The Willerup Family
The Williams Family
Bryant and Diana Wong
The Wong Family
The Woods Family
The Ye Family
The Yee Family
Hongchun Zhang
Anonymous (38)

This donor list is complete as of 9/16/18. Please accept our sincere apologies for any errors or omissions. Send corrections and updates to