Family Donors

Join this list of Generous Donors!

Regent $10,000+

The Girish Mathrubootham Family

Trustee $7,500+

Angelika and Nurbol Sultan

Valedictorian $5,000-$7,499

The Haggerty and Harrold Family

Sarah Ryan

The Voyles Family


Summa Cum Laude $4,000-$4,999

Asgharnejad Family

The Dobbs Family

Suzie Tam Porter & Charles Porter

The Thaw Family

Mike and Mary Tsao

Magna Cum Laude $3,000-$3,999

The Beeley Family for Sooki & Friends

Norie and Steve Bonbright

Rod and Corey Cherkas

The Cooper Family

Crellin Family

The Duong and Ha Family

Adam and Mariliz Johnson

Franklin and Clarissa Kang

The Kor Family

Celine Wens Family

The Zilberleyb Family

Cum Laude $2,000-$2,999


The Beach Family

The Brainard/Shaywitz Family

Kevin and Susana Chan

Stanley and Lisa Chao

The Fletcher Family

The Gan Family

Becky and Michael Geller

The Michael Hahn and Debbie Schechter Family

Haywoods Family

The Hyatt- Lang Family

The Kim Family

The King Family

Jason Ku and Julie Schmittdiel

The Lee Family

The Li Family

Ludwig Family

Mina and Clinton Lum

Morimoto Family

Xueping Qu and Pengfei Cheng

The Scherer Family

The Shew Family

The Sipes Family

Jenny and Jason Victor

Chris and Jennifer Yeh

The Yen-Teng Family

Zane Family

Emily Zhang

Marc Zimmerman


High Honors $1,000-$1,999

The Alston Family

Zaid and Rana Ayoub

Linda and Dominic Baldini

Michael Callan Landscape Architect

The Cardillo Family

The Chang Family

Bonnie Joe and Gregory Chang

Tony Chen

Glenn and May Chew

Craig and Susan Chinn

Anthony and Elaine Chiu

Lilian Choeng and Gilmore Chin

The Chuan-Tsui Family

The Cismoski Family

Jim and Kimberly Clark

The Cleary Family

The Custodio Family

Rob and Karen Dang

The Daniel Family - Faculty

The DeWinter Family

Li Duan

The Dodge Family

The Dokanchi/Jamali Family

The Draffen Family

The Duong Family

The Fayyad Family

The Floresca Family

Judy Fong

Chris and Kristin Fox

The Gerber Family

The Grele Family

Manpreet & Manav Grover

Tao Gui

Albert/Amanda Hao

Lansheng Hao and Beishi Weng

The Henry Family

Vincent and Daisy Hernandez

The Higaki Family

The Hill Family

Chiyomi Hirose and Amaud Pilpre

Ana and James Hsu

Craig and Mina Ichiuji

The Johnson Family

Ron and Debbie Kiaaina

Gary and Janet Koe

Lau Family

Nancy M. and Peter Lee

Cameron Leung

The Li Family

The Kayla Li Family

The Lim Family

The Liu Family

Yaijing Liu

Yvette and Alexander Lyon

The MacMillan Family

Matt and Heidi Maiden

The McGinty Family

The McKay Family

Angela Meuters

The Miyata Family

Irene and Stephen Moff

Edmond and Daisy Mok

The Morrows

The Morrow Family

The Neil Family

Al and Carmen O’Connor

Matt Oshinsky

Robert and Jeannie Parker

Marry Anne and Mark Payne

The Ping Family

Steve and Dorrie Pollock

Victor Qiu’s Family

The Quanbeck Family

The Rayborn Family

The Shirley Family

Simenc Family

The Simms Family

The Sims Family

Heather and Ashish Srimal

Dr. Sue Stevens

Rachael Stoney

The Tabor Family

Family of Richard Tauber

Erik and Eugena Talvola

Lopez-Adomo Family

Ben and Jill Thacker

Debbie and Kent Tobin

The Tu Family

The Valluri Family

The Voorsanger Family

The Wang Family

Lansheng Hao and Beishi Weng

Sharon and Jimmy Wong

The Qin Family

John and Beth Yeh

John and Meredith Yeh

Xiaolian Yu

The Zheng Family

Zimmerman-Alvarado Family

Anonymous (6)

Principal's List $750-$999

Homayoon Akhiani

The Akkawi Family

Shuyu An

John and Joanie Antracoli

The Auyeung Family

Bartlewski Family

The Barton Family

The Basa Family

The Belzer Family

Berney-Schalet Family

Black Family

Marc and Lynda Catalano

The Chemingo Family

The Chiemingo Family

Craig Childress and Julie Mylan

The Das Family

DiMauro Family

Janethia and Lester Dorman

Bella Doshi and Jong Yoon

Matt and Helen Jin Duan

Chris Esqueda and Tanya Massing Esqueda

The Finer Family

Patricia Fitzgerald

The Gardner Family

The Goulishev Family

Shirish and Pinkee Gupta

The Hagerman Family

Pat and Cristina Haley

The Harris Family

Hiroyu Hatano and Brad Rabin

The Huffman Family

Diane Amend and Rob Humphrey

Hong Jiao and Hong Yang

The Kao Family

Amy and Carter King

Kai Xu Family

The Kotseroglou Family

Jeanette and Rand Larsen

Ernest and Serene Lau

The Le Family

Swee Bee Lee and Clayton Choy

The C. Leong Family

The Levi Family

The Lim Family

The Liu Family

The Liu Family

Lenore and Laura Livingston

Masoud Loghmani

The Lott Family

Kent Mar and Karen Hsu

McAlister Young Family

The Mathur Family

The Mittler Family

The Molloy Family

The Monge Family

Tiki Noehren and Nathan Caffo

The Ortiz Family

The Pachtner Family

Jeff and Kristen Phillips

The Potsiadlo Family

Erik and Dana Pulley

Maurice and Angela Quillen

The Reddy Family

Francisco Reidel

The Robertson Family

Jenny and Todd Rokala

The Rose Family

Chris and Yvonne Roth

The Roxas Family

The Rubinstein Family

Sabale Family

Danny and Tiffany Shih

Lance and Johanna Smith

Tai-Yeung Family

The Scherer Family

The Schoenherr Family

Jeralyn Schoenherr

The Schwarzhopf Family

Lisa Tang and Denis Shiao

Danny and Tiffany Shih

Cheryl Shinozaki

Lance and Johanna Smith

The Spencer Family

The Struble Family

Song Family

The Swami Family

Tai-Yeung Family

Christine Tam and Tom Finke

Lisa Tang and Denis Shiao

Thalladi Family

The Tonas Family

The Vattuone Family

The Vogel Family

Sara S Weaver and Peter Galvin

The Williams Family

Byron and Christine Wilson

The Wing Family

Meiting Wu

The Yanez Family

The Yang at Parrott Family

Yuxia Yan

Robert and Tbuy-Hoa Yokota

Guoxin Yu and Wenying Hu

Yun Wendy and Minxue Zheng

The Zhou Family


Honor Roll Up to $750

The Abejero Family

The Akkawi Family

The Aguilar Family

Aylsworth Family

Emily Barson

Ron Berggren

The Birkelund Family

The Bonilla Family

The Bost and Yokoe Family

The Bugata Family

Julianne Chen

Janie Chen

The Cheng Family

Chouli Family

Wiley Clothier

The Collard Family

The Colpitts Family


Dean Family

The De Los Santos/Bordner Family

Mr. Deng

Kevin Doyle – faculty

Tzhe Doyle Family

Leigh Ann Ecklund

Mrs. Nicole Elenz-Martin

Mike Etheridge and Stacie Goeddel

The Fan Family

Patricia and Maurice Fitzgerald

The Fournier Family

Zice Fu

Gadiraju Family

The Gadala Family

The Gawel-Karina Family

Golden State Outreach Foundation

The Grant Family

The Grey Family

The Grover Family

Bridgit Hanshaw

The Hickey Family

The Hinton Family

The Hollandsworth Family

Susan Hontalas

Bobby and Christina Im

Ishizaki Family

Arjun Iyer

The Jad Family

The Jin Family

The Kammer Family

The Kasper/Ayres Family

Ms. Kliegel

The Kurebayashi Family

The Krzesniak Family

Patricia Kurtz

The La Carrubba Family

Samantha Lagocki

The Lan Family

The Langleys

Layton Family

The Lemus Family

The Li Family

The Liu Family

Connor Lovell Family

Mike and Diana Loy

The McKenzie Family

The Mish Family

Justin Moe Naing

Neamati Family

The Nguyen Family

Virgilio Orellana

The Ornani Family

Ramona and Joward Pascual

Picos Family

The Preskill Family

The Randolph Family

Paul and Cheryl Remedios

Marc Richardson

Mike Riordon- Alumni

Barbara Rosenthal & Peter Rosenthal

The Vazquez Family

Rebecca and Glenn Russell

The Saad Family

Roland and Diala Saad

Partha and Babita Saha

Krishna Samudrala

Scott and Jill Sebben

Joseph and Tanya Shehadeh

The Shu Family

The Spencer Family

The Strause Family

Szwarcberg Family

The Van Dillen Family

Katherine Ward – Staff

The Wiedenmann Family

The Willerup Family

Richard Whitmarsh

Bryant L Wong and Diana C Wong

The Wu Family

Mike Yang

The Yong Family

Anonymous (31)

This donor list is complete as of 9/20/19.  Please accept our sincere apologies for any errors or omissions.  Send corrections and updates to